camp/skil sessions

We will work on the following skills:

Skating: edges (inside and outside), quick starts, body position, long strides, crossovers, powerturns, balance and agility, backward crossovers, pivots, one-legged stops (inside and outside), quickness drills, and acceleration to maximize a player's skating efficiency.

Puckhandling: body position, cradling the puck, rolling your wrist, deking and faking, stickhandling through traffic, arms extended out away from body, controlling the puck stationary and in motion, high speed skating with the puck.

Passing: forehand and backhand stationary and in motion, saucer, one touch, accuracy, timing, weight transfer, follow through, keeping head up, sweeping the puck, communicating, and support.

Shooting and Scoring: All shots- stationary and in motion- wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot, backhand, variety and location, hand placement, weight transfer, follow through, quick release, one timers, deflections, rebounds, screens, and breakaways, shooting to score!

Checking: body checks, giving, receiving, stick checking, angling, puck protection, pinning opponent.

Team Orientation: One-on-one's, two-on-one's, two-on-two's, three-on-two's, positioning, situational drills by position, hockey sense and team concept training.

Scrimmages: Will incorporate positional play, quick puck movement, systems, all the skills developed in each player throughout the week.

AAA Camps: This camp is for the elite hockey player. The player must have a strong commitment to the camp and its requirements. All drills and learning activities are performed at a high tempo. Foot speed with and without the puck, all types of shots, total quickness and scoring, agility foot work, confrontational drills in small areas (i.e. 1-on-1's, 2-on-1's, 2-on-2's).

Full Day Camps: This camp has up to 4 hours of on-ice time per day and 2 hours of off-ice training. Sneakers and a street hockey stick are required daily.

Mini-Camps: High tempo drills that will incorporate total skills development. These camps vary in on-ice time.

Private Lesson Groups: These are one hour sessions that incorporate all aspects of the game of hockey, including skating, stickhandling, shooting and scoring, passing, checking, and confrontational drills. Groups of 8-12 players a session will work on total skills development to enhance a player's performance. The players will be broken up according to their age.
6-9 Year Olds
10-13 Year Olds
14-16 Year Olds

Defensemen Camp: Develops individual skating and skills for defensemen. The players will work on quick starts, high tempo backward crossovers, pivots, agility and quickness drills, checking (body checking, angling, and stickhandling), read and react drills, breakout options, proper usage of the net, gap control, pinching techniques, coverage in front of the net, shot blocking.

Goaltenders Clinic: Program will focus on each goaltending skill with demonstration, proper instruction and technique, repetition, mobility, agility, balance, improving strategy, tactical, and puck-stopping skills, repetition and practice of the skills taught are reinforced.

Defensemen Camp With Chris O'Sullivan: 35 player Max. Players will spend the entire week with the former NHL Defenseman. This is a specialty camp that will only be conducted a couple of times throughout the season. This camp is designed to give each player the attention to develop defensive skills/strategies while getting the ultimate instruction directly from Chris! This camp consists of 4 hours of on-ice, 2 hours of off-ice conditioning, and classroom "chalk-talk" and team concepts each day. THIS CAMP WILL SELL OUT QUICKLY!!

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